EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE and SERVEX, your partners specialized in asbestos engineering

EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE INGENIERIE and SERVEX are two subsidiaries of the EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE GROUPE specialized in asbestos engineering that ensure the following tasks:

  • Asbestos markings before construction
  • Asbestos markings before demolition
  • Sampling on asphalt
  • Visual examinations
  • Lead before constructions
  • Regulatory diagnoses

EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE INGENIERIE operates across the country and SERVEX operates in Ile-de-France.

Our certifications

EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE has 2 trades certifications: OPQIBI N ° 16023162 and QUALIFICERT N ° Q01-16018.

These guarantees make EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE INGENIERIE, the first and only national asbestos engineering & design office holding these two certifications.

OPQIBI : the Professional Body of Qualification of Industrial Building Engineering

This certification represents a guarantee of reliability that allows us to assure you of our skills and the professionalism in our field.

The client can refer to this certification which represents a true means of confidence-building.

OPQIBI qualifications inform you that a service provider has the capacity to perform and has already achieved, to the satisfaction of customers, the services in the areas of engineering where he is qualified.

ICERT : Qualification marking before constructions and demolition 02-01

The 02-01 qualification provides the qualitative, technical and methodological guarantee of established asbestos detection reports.

It aims at the recognition and the professionalism of EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE INGENIERIE in its capacity to carry out an asbestos tracking service.