Our philosophy

Founded by one man, Expert Habitat & Industrie is a group that has convictions and values. Our strong DNA is based on transparency, work, honesty, quality, commitment, customer focus and collective performance. This is our reputation, our strength and our success.

The quality

Expert Habitat & Industrie is recognized in its market for the quality of its interventions. For this, we are surrounded by a team of certified and specialized experts in the building.



Transparency is the key word in the relationships we develop with our customers. We make it a point of honor to act with you in all honesty to establish a relationship based on trust, which is essential for us.


The commitment

Our company is made up of employees who are passionate about their profession, who are committed to sustainability and to making your satisfaction their priority.

The meaning of the customer

The customer is at the heart of our business. We are always listening to our clients to meet their needs with great professionalism and build a strong and lasting relationship.


Team spirit and collective performance

We advocate the team spirit: even if the structure is based on the idea of a single man, it is the talent of everyone who has made us what we are today. Our meteoric growth is due to the individual commitment of everyone but also to the team spirit of group that characterizes us.