Our EHS policy

As a recognized protagonist in the issue of buildings’ pollution by materials containing dangerous chemical agents, in particular asbestos and lead, the EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE GROUPE’s priority is to meet the customers’ expectations by providing quality services in safety conditions adapted to every site.

In order to improve our performance and service quality, the EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE GROUPE is committed to a Health and Safety initiative.

After obtaining the ICERT and OPQIBI certifications in 2016, EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE INGENIERIE has started the MASE-UIC certification procedures (Improvement Manual for Environment Health and Safety), CEFRI-E (interventions in nuclear power plants) and GEHSE (Guide of Hygiene, Safety and Environment Commitment) to operate in petroleum establishments, flammable liquid depots or service stations.

Obtaining these 3 certifications is an important stake to widen the scope of action of EXPERT HABITAT & INDUSTRIE and to progress towards even better quality.